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The surveyor(s) and all employees of Jones Marine Surveyors & Consultants, Inc. will exercise reasonable care in conducting a visual inspection of the vessel. All details and particulars in the report or letter are believed to be true, but are not guaranteed accurate. All judgments, conclusions, and recommendations are expressions of opinion based upon skill, training, and experience after a routine examination of the vessel. No part of the report, letter or verbal consultation will be issued as an expressed or implied warranty of the condition of the vessel, of the value of the vessel, or of the cost of any repairs. Unless specifically stated otherwise in the report or letter, the surveyor(s) will not remove any fasteners, fixed structures, or equipment, and will not disassemble any part of the hull or machinery for inspection or testing; therefore inspections do not cover latent defects not readily discovered without such removal or disassembly. It must also be understood that many areas are not accessible for inspection and therefore defects may not be discovered. The attending surveyor(s) and any employees of Jones Marine Surveyors & Consultants, Inc. shall have no liability for consequential damages, no liability for personal injury damages, no liability of property loss or damages, and no liability for punitive damages, all of which shall be deemed to have been knowingly waived upon the use of any survey report, letter or verbal consultation. In no event shall the legal liability of Jones Marine Surveyors & Consultants ever exceed the quoted amount paid by the requesting party for the issuance of a report, letter or verbal consultation, regardless of whether under theory of tort, contract, warranty, products, outrage, or otherwise. Use of any report, letter or verbal consultation acknowledges agreement with these Terms, Conditions, and Limitations.